No Ugly Guns! (Women shoot too)


7.62 Precision has declared war on ugly guns! There is no reason for women to use ugly firearms. Women hunt, compete, and carry firearms for protection. Women serve in law enforcement and the military. Women also tend to shoot better naturally than men do. Why should their firearms look like they were designed for men?

For years women have tried to coordinate their clothing with their style of concealed carry; now they can coordinate their carry pistols with their wardrobe.

Ladies, when you outshoot the men in your life, you might as well do it with a touch of class.

Ruger SP101 Southwest revolver with DuraCoat and jeweling.

Ruger SP101 Southwest revolver with DuraCoat and jeweling.

Purple Savage Rascal rifle with silver accents and butterflies for a young girl

Savage Rascal .22 rifle in purple pearl with butterflies, stars, and silver accents.

Purple Savage Rascal Rifle with Butterflies and Silver

A purple Savage Rascal rifle for a young girl.

Pink digital camouflage on AR with engraving (last name removed for this photo). Springfield EMP 1911 finished pink and brown and jewelled. Taurus PT22 in pink and black.

Pink digital camouflage on AR with engraving (last name removed for this photo). Springfield EMP 1911 finished pink and brown and jewelled. Taurus PT22 in pink and black.

Pink Savage Rascal Rifle .22 girl's rifle Accutrigger Unicorn

Pink Savage Rascal rifle with gold flourishes, silver stars, and unicorn artwork. Gold, silver, and purple and red pearl accents.

Pink Savage Rascal Rifle, .22 caliber kid's rifle with butterflies and gold accents.

Savage Rascal rifle in pink with ribbon and name.

AR-15.22 LR conversion with furniture and Black Dog magazine in Barney Purple

AR-15 .22 LR conversion with furniture and Black Dog magazine in Barney Purple

Cav Arms AR-15 Mk II with Del-Ton lightweight upper, YHM Phantom muzzle brake, DPMS carbon fiber handguard, PEC polymer ejection port cover, and Mepro M21 Sight. Upper finished in gloss pearl pink with metallic red accents to match pink polymer lower.

Colour detail on Pink and Metallic Red AR-15. Upper was coated to match customer’s lower, so no coating was applied to lower or lower parts (we did not have the lower). You have to see this finish in person to appreciate the depth and effect of the pearl topcoat. Click photo for a larger view.

A Glock 22 and a Glock 17 – the ultimate Louis Vuitton accessories!

Pink Digital on DPMS AR-15 and EOTech with Magpul furniture and Mako T-POD

Pink Digital on DPMS AR-15 and EOTech with Magpul furniture and Mako T-POD

Pink Digital AR-15 with black accents

Pink Leopard Pattern on Vang Comp Remington 870 Shotgun

Pink Leopard Shotgun with Surefire Forend and Knoxx Stock

S&W M&P M4 Carbine in purple digital camo & custom purple three-point sling

S&W M&P M4 Carbine in purple digital camo & custom purple three-point sling

Pink Leopard Skin DuraCoat on Gen 4 Glock. Pictured with Front Line leather pancake holster.

Pink Leopard Glock Gen4.

Ruger LCP .380 with Iridescent Purple frame.

Pink Tiger Colt 1911 with jeweled barrel and magazine. FAB Defense WG1911 grips with magwell funnel. Meprolight night sights and black accents. Shown with black leather Front Line Special IWB holster.

Colt 1911 with Pink Tiger pattern. Shown with Front Line Special IWB Holster.

Savage Cub .22 rifle in pink butter fly DuraCoat. Barrel and receiver in iridescent pink.

Savage Cub .22 Pink Butterfly Girl’s Rifle. Detail of iridescent pink barrel.

Remington 770 Rifle in two-tone pink DuraCoat. Stock is top-coated with Duratouch soft rubber coating.

Leopard Skin on HS Precision stock.

S&W Sigma SW40VE .40 S&W pistol with magenta slide and frame and lighter pink accents. Shown with Front Line IPSC Leather Belt Holster.

Savage Rascal .22 rifle in purple and silver with butterflies

Butterfly detail on purple Savage Rascal rifle.

Detail of unicorn on pink Savage Rascal .22 rifle stock.

Detail of unicorn on pink Savage Rascal stock.

Pink Savage Rascal Rifle purple ribbon with name and butterflies.

Pink Savage Rascal rifle showing name and butterflies.

Savage Rascal .22 rifles in pink with unicorn and purple with penguins.

Savage Rascal .22 rifles in pink with unicorn and purple with penguins.

Purple Snakeskin on S&W Pistol.

Purple Snakeskin on S&W Pistol with Crimson Trace Laser. Click for more photos.


Browning Cynergy Euro Sporting Shotgun, Duratouch coating removed and Stock DuraCoated Pink

Browning Cynergy Euro Sporting Shotgun, Duratouch coating removed and Stock DuraCoated Pink

54 Responses to “No Ugly Guns! (Women shoot too)”

  1. Nice!! Do you make custom orders?? I am looking for a 9mm pistol with classy unicorn…

  2. I’m all for customization but imho firearms should not be painted to look like toys. Some of these are alright, like the purple/silver Ruger but the others like the .22 rifles, look like straight up children’s toys. These are guns and should be given the respect they deserve. I would say the same thing if these were so called “boy themes” as well.

    • Respect is taught, not automatically giving because a rifle happens to be black. If a child can’t respect a pink rifle, he or she won’t respect a black rifle, or blued and walnut, or whatever someone feels is a “serious” color.

      I have learned long ago that no one respects any firearm unless they have been taught to. So why not give a children firearms that make them excited about learning to shoot and teach them to respect them?

  3. I want my Ruger 9mm to be painted along with my case and holster. Can you send me the information needed to get the process started and how long will it take…

  4. I’m glad I found this site. Who doesn’t want a girly gun? I tend to stand out rather than fit in. So I want one or two or three. πŸ™‚

  5. Just finished a black and FDE AR build, now my wife is doing the same exact build but with purple. Only issue were having is the purple hogue grip and stock don’t seem to match any other purple. She’s fine with 2 different shades breaking it up, but the issue is finding a dust cover, trigger guard, and ladder rail covers that all match. Any ideas? Like what is your go to for unique parts?

    • Matching colors can be very difficult. This is especially true with bright colors. Every manufacturer makes their own decisions regarding colors. Also, certain materials and processes can limit or change the end color, which is why rubber, polymer, and anodized aluminum parts from the same manufacturer often are quite different in color. Even the same materials from the same manufacturer will vary slightly form part to part, since polymers are adjusted to the specific use, so a different type of polymer may be used for magazines from that used for pistol grips and stocks may be different again. Also, the same polymer will show variations from batch to batch and use and sunlight change the colors over time.
      The best way to match colors across the rifle is to coat the parts with the same color DuraCoat. In your case, the best thing would be to match the Hogue rubber parts with a purple DuraCoat and match the other parts to it, since rubber can’t be coated.

  6. Retarded. Weapons look like they were designed for men? They were designed for adults. If practical and tactical equates to men, then thanks for the compliment. These colors are horrid. Why would you want your weapon to stand out like a sore thumb?

    • Why would you be against people having the guns they want the way they want them? Not every gun is intended for combat, and if someone wants a pink or blue or purple gun, why not? What would you think if someone said you were retarded because you want your weapons to look like you prefer? The one of them main reasons many women say they don’t get into shooting is because they expect ridicule and belittlement from male shooters. Why prove their apprehension correct?

    • First off. Did you ever think about the word retarded would possibly hurt another persons feelings. Probably not.
      Regardless of how you feel or think others have the right to any brand, caliber or color of their choice since they are the ones paying for it. Now if you want to complain and call someone retarded then I think you should pay for it. Otherwise why does it matter what others do to their guns.

  7. I am looking for a youth 20gauge purple in color does anyone know of a brand that sells purple camp shotguns TIA

  8. I’ve fallen in love all over again! I can’t wait to save up to get mine done!

  9. Looking for purple grip for my wife’s berietta 92s? Got any ideas?

  10. I just got my conceal & carry but I have no idea what kind of gun I should get. I saw the pink springfield EMP with brown accents & jeweled trigger. Is this a good gun for a first time owner?

    • I usually recommend a newer, simpler design than a 1911. There are several nice pistols that are in the same size and caliber range as the EMP. However, Springfield 1911s are very well made, and tend to be reliable. It is a matter of preference, and as long as the pistol you choose is reliable, fits your purpose, and you like it and shoot it well, then you should carry what you like. As with any pistol, if you decide to carry that 1911, you need to train with it until you can use it effectively. The EMP is a well-built pistol that shoots and carries nicely, and most people shoot a 1911 very well.

  11. Lord have mercy!!! I JUST FELL IN LOVVVEEEE WITH THIS SITE β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  12. Glad to see the purples…I am a woman that hates pink…so red and black, purple and black, anything that doesn’t have pink….maybe white, grey, black with some sparkles? haha πŸ˜‰ Nice work!

  13. Love

  14. I’m a woman… and I will say that my favorite color is gun metal!

    However, I love showing up to the range with my “girlie” range bag… Hot Pink ear muffs, and I know all the guys think “Great… she gonna blow us up!” and then completely showing them up! I’m an awesome shot and I know it!

    Can’t wait to pull out my AR-15 with Zebra stripes or butterflies… can’t decide which I want more! Maybe I need a new 2!

    I’ve never been a girlie-girl… But I LOVE THIS!!!

  15. Interested in pricing on oinl tiger stripe-please

  16. I wear a uniform, but I still like to be original. It’s like the hot pink toe nail polish inside my Danners. The public will never know, but I know. I’m a lady. I’m a mom. But….if you put me in a position to decide between going home to my family and going six feet deep, I’ll wipe you off the face of the earth. (and maybe with a cute purple gun).

  17. Well first, I am a 54 year old Tom boy. I love to customize everything from my phone to my water bottles. I shooting guns and it’s a hobby and I will use to protect me & my family if need be. I love the colors pink ( for breast cancer awareness ) and purple ( for epilepsy awareness ) To me it is no different than buying a car. A car is not a toy but when you buy one, you look for a certain color to match your personality I’m thinking am I right? So why not your firearms? Thank you for giving us all an avenue where we can customize what we use for protection and for fun.

    • Exactly. Henry Ford said that you could have a Model T in any color, as long as it was black. He thought all cars should be black. Look where that went . . .

  18. “This officer? Oh it looks like a gun but really its just FABULOUS!!!”

  19. awesome work!! I want to see something in glitter and rhinestones!!

  20. I love the light pink lady duracoat. However My new full sized glock 17 has extremely expensive glow in the dark night sites. Will the paint cover the night sites? How much will it cost? How long will it take? Do you have light pink lady grip plates for the full sized glock 17. As for people not liking pink guns, I’m 66 years old & retired. I don’t have to care what people think anymore! Besides if a bad guy falls over & rolls on the floor laughing as at my pink gun then I won’t have to shoot him … or if he gets away he’s sure not going to tell his buddies he got shot by an old lady with a pink gun!

  21. I encourage most women I know to practice “self safety” and learn to protect themselves. Wether it be self defense training, pepper spray or a stun gun, or a fire arm for personal defense. “Get trained, get proficient with practice, and feel safe.”

    Unfortunately I so often hear the same thing, “I want a pink one” or purple or whatever color they see at the store that only comes in the one smallest caliber, lightest gun that I would not suggest for most women.

    I love this website because I can show them they can get any weapon they want and then get exactly what they want colored after the fact. I want to thank your website for giving women a “fashionable” reason to carry besides the practical one.

    P.s. On a side note I would love to see what a hand held taser looks like when painted to look like a Star Trek the next Generation phaser. πŸ™‚ lol

  22. Where do I find purple parts for my AR15?

  23. Good guns for self defence. You get attacked, pull the gun out and have the attacker go WTF

  24. Not that you will probably read this several months later Joanne, but there are many people who DO have guns as TOYS. Guns aren’t always a means of protection. People who ENJOY shooting at the range or on their own property own, shoot, and customize guns as a hobby. Loosen up. Obviously these people aren’t going to leave their pink “Hello Kitty” Glocks sitting around for children to confuse with a kid-friendly toy…

  25. Awesome website, will be shopping soon..

  26. i think its great! i want a purple camo handgun! xmas and birthday coming up, maybe ill get my wish πŸ˜‰

  27. Guess I am not “girly” enough. Just give me a plain old gun metal gray or black weapon, that shoots well, feels good in my hands and is my friend. My first weapon experience was with a single shot octagon barreled .22 that belonged to my dad. It smelled of gun oil and old wood and that is what I still love. Guess I will always be a plain jane kind of gal…however, I think it’s great for the rest of you. We do live in America, and to each their own is pretty much still a way of life for some of us! πŸ˜‰

  28. I agree firearms are serious, however, if a person engages in actions that would give me reason to fire upon them then it is more insulting to be shot with a pink or purple gun. Bring on the bling!

  29. Added purple butterfly Savage Rascal .22 rifle.

  30. I love how beautiful my .40 S&W sigma turned out!! Thanks so much, you do fabulous work! I also love that you shared it on your website

  31. Added pink tiger, pink butterfly, and pink two-tone photos.

  32. …I’m a woman and I think “pretty” guns are NOT the way to go. It’s a FIREARM, not an accessory. Besides, you spend all that money to customize it and if you ever need to defend yourself with it, it goes right into a Police evidence locker for (possilby) years. I’ve read the accounts of people not getting their guns back for 2+ years. Not to mention the *very valid* argument that guns should look like guns – not TOYS. Spend your money on extra ammo instead…just my opinion.

    • I don’t care for certain camo patterns that are very popular, but that does not mean that I have a problem with others using them – I just don’t want them on my weapons, clothing, etc. The purpose for the finish on a firearm is to protect the firearm and make it look good. If a woman likes pink, why not have a pink weapon? If she defends her life with it and it is held by police, who cares what colour it is – her life was saved and if she never gets it back, she can get another – it’s cheaper than being dead. If she gets it back, then there is no problem. That argument is no different than saying a woman should not carry a quality pistol because if she uses it to defend herself she may not get it back for a couple years.
      Not everyone owns every weapon for serious purposes, and everyone does not have the same taste. My wife would never carry a pink gun if she could avoid it – she does not like pink – but she takes great satisfaction in helping other women get coatings in any colours they like.
      We do coatings in many tactical colours and camo patterns for men and no one has a problem, but the minute we finish a gun for a woman who likes pink or purple or any other non-tactical colour, we get reprimanded by those who feel we have committed a great affront to the firearms world.
      Don’t take yourself too seriously – have fun with your firearm preferences and let others have fun with their preferences. There are many women who don’t like pink guns, and we always advise men who are getting a finish done for a woman to make sure that they know what she likes first, and don’t assume she will want a pink firearm just because she is a woman.
      Check out the Zombie Slayer finish – maybe you will like that one better πŸ˜€

      • I saw the Zombie slayer one and LOVED it, but getting my 1911 45 Colt GCT duracoated with bright colors or special effect looks just feels like I’m defiling an American Classic, so I’ll be sticking with customized grips for her (and there’s a good bet they’ll be zombie themed haha)….my defensive carry Ruger SR9c though, I might have a little fun with, once I’ve saved some $$

    • Ok well I am a female and I think these finishes are so rad! When I find something that is not my thing I usually will xhoose not to purchase the item, opposed to leaving a post on the website. Judging from these posts it seems other people like what they see as well. So instead of giving your opinion on people spending extra loot on ammo you may want to focus on yourself and things that you like. Negativity looks so boring on you.

  33. Added photos of Pink Leopard Glock and Iridescent Purple Ruger LCP.

  34. Pink pearl and metallic red Cavalry Arms AR15 carbine photos added.

  35. Love these guns and the art is so bad *** … looking forward to getting one painted one day.

  36. i love it!!!! I want the purple one! πŸ™‚

  37. Sweet 870!

  38. that louis vitton is hot

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