Zombie Slayer©

Yugo Mauser 98 SBR in Zombie Killer finish

It takes headshots to stop them and you never get a chance to rest. Even the possums cary the virus. How long can you hold out? Will you find other survivors? Will your food and ammo last? Do you have what it takes to stop the zombie hordes?

The Zombie Slayer finish© makes your weapon look like a veteran zombie hunting gun; beat-up, bloody, and splattered with brain matter. All metal parts are completely coated with DuraCoat, to look worn and bloody, yet provide complete protection. Perfect for zombie shoots and turns heads at the range.

Zombie Killer Yugo Mauser SBR with trench magazine and flash enhancer to incerate brain matter spray

Zombie Slayer Yugo Mauser SBR with trench magazine and flash enhancer (to incinerate brain matter spray).

The extra touch for low-light shoots:

Biohazard symbol glows in the dark.


23 Responses to “Zombie Slayer©”

  1. How much did this cost? And did you guys do the work of customizing the weapon itself or did you do just the paint job?


  2. You should do something like this to a Mossberg MVp Patrol model when it comes out!


  3. I have a Mauser addiction… This is awesome. Did you apply a finish to the bolt body/extractor also?


  4. Finally have my full rail 1911 nearly ready for the Zombie Slayer finish – waiting on final word on some gunsmith work.., will then ship it up.


  5. I’m the owner of this gun.The pictures of this gun are amazing but seeing it in person is even better. It is truly a work of art and couldn’t have asked for better people do deal with. This is my second gun they have worked on (the 2 tone Beretta M9 on the first page is also mine).


  6. This would look great on a M1 Garand !


  7. I am building a 6.5 grendel on an AR-15 platform. My question is will you be able to do this on something like that?


  8. I am hung up on which to send… My 1911 or my Ruger sr 556… Eather way great job guys…


  9. I would love to see what this Zombie Finish would look like on a 1911a1 45 !


    • Well then – go ahead and send in your 1911!!! 🙂


      • Actually – I am working on doing just that. It’s a special., customized 1911.., tac-light on a full rail.., red dot optic sighs.., Crimson trace grips…, have to get it all together .., but I have a problem. Zombie Slayer – or five color Vietnam era Tger Stripe. ., but I have time to decide.


  10. I want this on a SPAS 12


  11. I have kept this in an open browser window for days now and can’t stop looking at it! I’d like to get one of these.


  12. […] I think I’m in love: […]


  13. The bloody hand print is a nice touch, as is the splatter across the Biological Hazard symbol.


  14. Great work guys!


  15. I a truly blown away by this is paint scheme! I just need to decide if it would look better on my RPK or my two S&W 500 revolvers.


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