The Finest Firearm Finishes


Stand Out From the Rest
With a custom finish from 7.62 Precision, your firearm will be admired at the range and invisible in the field. Give your favorite firearm the unmatched looks and protection provided by our rugged camouflage finishes. Please check the links to the right for examples of our work.

These photos are of our work on customer’s firearms. They are not photos of firearms for sale. We can sell firearms, and we can put finishes on your own firearms, but we cannot sell the firearms in the photos; they belong to our customers.





17 Responses to “The Finest Firearm Finishes”

  1. Wow!!! Just when I was done dreaming and gitting some sleep!!!! “Than out of nowhere”!!! Precision Custom Firearms appears…..!! Ugggg now I’m on the kick to build my wife an AR-15 and send it to you to have a custom pink and white digital pattern put on it!! Thanks a lot guys! You do fantastic work!!!

  2. WOW!! Quality workmanship with impeccable style!

  3. You guys are in Alaska right??

  4. Just received my Mossberg 590 shotgun back in a custom Chameleonflage / Flecktarn pattern and it looks AWESOME. 7.62 Precision is undeniably the best Duracoat Finish Provider and is highly recommended! Thank you!

  5. These guns are so freaking awesome……..!

  6. Wow.. nice works of art.
    Can you tell me how to get my guns customized in color

  7. Very nice work!

  8. Just received my M1A back from 7.62, Couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to see pics on this site!

  9. Great stuff, bookmarked.

  10. You guys need a facebook page!

  11. Is that Arabic on that USP?
    What does it say?

  12. How about posting some cool pictures from the SHOT show?

  13. Happy Crimmas to you all up there in Alaska!

  14. Frog Skin

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