New! Alien Skin Digital

Alien Skin Reptilian can also be done, using any combination of colors as long as one of the colors is a light color.





Twin Desert Eagle pistols in a glow in the dark Alien Skin finish.

Twin Desert Eagle pistols in a glow-in-the-dark Alien Skin finish.

17 Responses to “New! Alien Skin Digital”

  1. Added Alien Skin Reptilain

  2. Does the finish wear off?

    • The finish is very durable – more durable than any traditional finish and even a lot of other coatings. However, eventually all finishes will wear with use, and you will begin to see some holster wear eventually, but it will still wear much better than most finishes. Click the link for DuraCoat Durability to the right to see examples.

  3. What gun is this? I went to the glock website could not find one that resembled this gun?

  4. Great unique look

  5. Could yall upload an ar on this one and the zombie one

  6. I bought a pair of Glock 21SFs last year through 7.62 and they did this pattern on the Glocks, 2 Flash Hiders, 4 Mags and 2 TLR-1 Lights. They are all quality and I get ALLOT of attention for them. GREAT WORK!!!

  7. For all you guys thinking about the Alien Skin Digital, don’t think. Get it! That is my gun in the photos and that finish is INCREDIBLE! I use this gun for IDPA and Steel Challenge. I almost spend as much time showing it off as I do shooting it. 7.62 Precision did an AMAZING job on my gun!!!! You won’t regret getting this (or any) paint from them!!!

  8. i am in the the making on a AR-15 platform! i am so doing this to it🙂


  10. I have to get that for my glock!

  11. Awesome ,very very cool finish for any gun, I agree I love it and I’m thinking of having my Ruger SR9 done with this pattern

  12. This is a Home Run !!

    Got a Glock-34 that I would like to get a quote on ….. this would be a hoot at the IDPA and Glock GSSF Matches.

  13. I am set on doing this to my S&W Sigma 40! I absolutely love it!!

  14. Cool finish for a Glock 34 Race gun! Very Cool

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