New pattern – Crypsis.

We started doing this finish several years ago, but have not posted photos yet because we kept meaning to come up with a cool name for it. Now we figure it’s time to get your help.

Below are photos of the pattern. We wanted a finish that was like a digital, but more organic in shape, and that would be neutral colours to fit a variety of environments. Suggest a name for it – something cool, maybe a cool acronym or something. If you suggest one we choose, we will give you something cool, like a finish on a firearm!

S&W M&P Carbine and accessories in Crypsis Stonehenge. Shown with optional moose droppings.

Smith & Wesson M&P Rifle with ACOG, Alexander Arms G10 Handguard, Grip Pod, AG-43 Pistol Grip, and LMT SOPMOD Stock in Crypsis Stonehenge DuraCoat.

Bravo Company SPR Rifle with Optics and accessories in Crypsis Dryad.

Mk 12 type SPR rifle in Crypsis Dryad. Bravo Co. Upper, PRI SPR handguard and rail, Magpul PRS Stock, SureFire Light, Harris Bipod, and Leupold Mark AR Scope.

Well, it took us much longer than intended becasue we have been very busy, but we have had some preferences for a while and today we sat down to choose a winner. We went through every recomendation, and even combined some, but in the end, we agreed that it had to be CRYPSIS.

Honestly, you guys came up with some really cool names and we are going to have to come up with some new patterns just to use some of them!

We chose CRYPSIS for this pattern because we wanted a name that was short, cool, but still sounded very professional. Tell us why you think it is a good choice, or why you disagree.

On September 24, Robert Proffitt recommended Digital Crypsis. On 19 October, Derald Wise recommended CRYPSIS. Robbert recommended a name using the word CRYPSIS first, but Derald recommended the name the way we are going to use it. So which one do you think should be the winner?

Just kidding. Congratulations to both! Robert and Derald, please contact us and let us know what firearm you will each be sending for a new CRYPSIS finish.

For the rest of you, because you obviously spent a lot of time working on and thinking about this, it is only fair that we give a 15% discount on a finish to everyone who participated. Just call or email and we will verify who you are for the discount.

Sako TRG in a simplified version of the CRYPSIS pattern.

271 Responses to “New pattern – Crypsis.”

  1. Ghost ordnance

  2. All terrain Cyprus camo. ATCC

  3. […] Check out 7.62precision Custom Firearm Finishes…I like the "Crypsis" pattern, a morphed urban digital. New pattern ? Crypsis. | 7.62 Precision Custom Firearm Finishes […]

  4. multi environment digital deception invovative camoflage

    MEDDIC !

  5. Oak-Fleck-Special

  6. the “PUNISHER”

  7. DIGTIG, Digital Tiger Striped

  8. Topo-G as in topographical map image.

  9. Skull Dragger Camo – SDC

  10. The Predator
    WMG (Where’s my gun)
    Digital Central Park

  11. name it urban shadow or organic shadow

  12. “pixelnator”

  13. The Warrior

  14. Muddy waters

  15. How about coming out with a pattern called SEAL TEAM 6, a good way to remember a historic day.

  16. Is soon as I looked at that pattern , the first thing that came to mind was DESERT STORM. A very fitting name & a great way to honor all those that served .

  17. woodland’s digital fear.

  18. ORGADIG (Organic digital camo)

  19. The patterns look like weird continents so maybe “continental Camo”.

  20. Added new photos and added a new category on the site for Crypsis.

  21. MECDIP – Multi-Environment-Camouflage-DIgital-Pattern

  22. Or Area 51 camo

  23. Roswell camo

  24. Digital dragon skin – DDS

    • James, wake up and smell the coffee, boy. The contest is over and the pattern has been named.

      Time for the listing to be changed to CRYPSIS.

  25. Congrats to the winners! I personally dont like the new name but its not up to me.

  26. doppler radar


  28. Winner chosen! See above.

  29. I loved this pattern. First thing I saw was;
    ( Dirty Snow)

  30. Urban ghillie

  31. Blurred Vision
    Buzzed Camo
    Vibrating Camo
    Recoiled Camo

  32. D.M.P Digital Moss Pattern

  33. Ghost Chameleon Digital

  34. 7.62 Precision’s new DuraCoat color…


    “Scenery. Heightened. Advanced. Digital. Overmold. for Weapons.”

  36. Improved Digital Fallout (IDF)

  37. Bolder-cam.
    SBC stone blending camo
    RBC rock blending camo

  38. GBC granite blending camo.
    RBC rock blending camo.
    SBC stone blending camo.

  39. Sheep Dog Militia

  40. Bush Camo

  41. A little bit of nature, hard as a rock, reminds me of river rock.
    Glock: RIVER ROCK
    Glock: ROCKY
    Glock: ROCKY RUN
    Glock: ROCKY ROAD
    Glock: GLOCK ROCK
    ROCK my Glock: Got two new Glock Gen4’s….a winning post would be nice.

    The others: Raw nature from the Badlands and red is Blood.

  42. Origital

  43. I think something like Hybrid Digital or Cross Breed would be nice

  44. DTBC (Down To Business Camo)
    DTC (Digital Tiger Cam)
    DTF (Down To Fight)
    MCUSA (Multi Camo USA)
    NUCMNUD (Now U C Me Now U Dont)
    SEM KEM Camo(stalk em Kill em)
    XYZ cam (X: X-Ray Y: Yankee Z: Zulu)

    XMC ( Xray MultiCam)

  45. Ok after goggle search


    DigiTekk Snow
    DigiTekk Urban
    DigiTekk Sand

  46. DigiTech camo it’s hip it’s fresh it’s new. It’s the camo treatment for you

    • Good base name then add categories
      DigiTech Urban
      DigiTech. Snow
      DigiTech. Forest
      DigiTech. Battle


  47. Urban M.O.L.D. (Multi Organic Living Digital)

    Woodland M.O.L.D.

  48. The name you want is CLOAK.

  49. BTWC = Battle Tac Weapons Camo

  50. I’m beginning to think that this is a rhetorical question… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It *should* read: “we decided to NAME this camouflage several years ago”. I’m going to opt out. The endless, duplicate, un-interesting, and unoriginal suggestions are turning my email inbox to junk mail. Maybe if threatened with the PURCHASE of a firearm finish, they’ll name it.

      • David: Hypertension much?
        (there is a delete button on your email inbox.)

        Check back for pix of the weapon I sent for them to finish (not this pattern, but similar)

        I’m still rooting for 7.62 PRECI-GITAL

  51. Octo-Cam
    Octo camouflage is a form of smart camouflage that can, within moments of coming into contact with almost any surface, replicate both its pattern and texture, like an octopus. What you’ve created comes as close to Octo-Cam as you can get. Sweet.

    Invisi-Cam or

  52. digital multicam

  53. Orc Hide Finish- OHF

  54. Alaskan Break-Up, or “Neutral Taiga/Tundra” depending on shades of colors.

  55. Hide N Sneak HNS
    Hyde N Seek HNS
    EOS element of surprise

    HYDE hide your defense everywhere

  56. Ukyiyo-e Japanese means pictures of the floating world.

    just looks as if the weapob is floating in air, this was the first thing that caught my eye

    mienai = can not be seen

  57. TEOTWAWKI camo

  58. I’d hate to cheapen its beauty with mere words.

    Subtle Destruction (SubD)
    Quiet Annihilation (QuiAn)
    Homage To No-man’s Land

  59. Woodland tactical

  60. Goblin Digi

  61. predatorflage, or badassaflage!

  62. Pixelite

  63. Digital Nature

  64. digital mirage.

  65. Digital Dirt. Or Virtual Earth.

  66. Or better yet, DigiTac maybe? I don’t know, It looks really cool though!!

  67. DigiO-Tacamo

    (Digital Organic Tactical Camo)

  68. F.D.C.
    Fluid Digital Camouflage

  69. Tier 1 universal

  70. Weathered

  71. multiflage

    mountain haze

  72. S.O.D.
    Smooth Organic Digital.

  73. Digital Skin

  74. Fadel Blend , Fatal Blend

  75. Multi-Tac or Cam-Tac. Looks like a cross between ATACS and Multi-Cam.

  76. Digital Ash

  77. I like haze-cam or something of the sort

  78. Fallujah Operations Digital DERivative- FODDER
    Fallujah Operations Digital -FOD
    Selective Aquisition Natural Digital- SAND



  79. Digital haze

  80. Tamil

    HIPS (Hide in Plain Sight)

    Be aware of your surroundings

  81. ” xeric shrubland ” Definition (relating to, or requiring only a small amount of moisture)

  82. Uni-Cam

  83. Sweet finish. It’s digital and yet stripped to.
    (Tiger Tac) would be a cool name.

  84. Treyton Digital
    Krimpton Digital
    Apactual Digital

  85. 7.62 Preci-gital

  86. GHOST camo

  87. Name it P-P.O.D. (Precision Proprietary Organic Digital)

  88. My suggestions are:
    Digital Apex
    Apex Predator
    Tundra Digital
    Alpine TAC-OPS

  89. Might I suggest, “Tactical Edge”? Against that Multicam backdrop, it blends very well. And at the trade shows, it might be easy to remember.

    Silent Shadow?

    Alpha-Hide? Hide as in skin, hide as in hidden, hide as in “sniper’s blind”.

  90. I like NatPat as suggested above

  91. Bioflage
    Digital Bio-Flage

    Awesome pattern no matter what you call it. Keep up the good work.

  92. dirty avalanche

  93. Frog Skin

  94. Wetland Warrior – It looks like it would blend in well in a Alaskan marsh.

  95. Timber Wolf.
    Looks like a wolf coat. Or if you wanted to be dramatic
    Lone Wolf.

  96. Rock-Shale

  97. How about Organi-Cam or Cam-Organic. Maybe the acronym could be D.O.C. Digital organic cam, or O.D.C. organic digital cam


  99. well, it look like the italian camo called “vegetato” = vegetation / “vegedigi”
    hmm. maybe “bitturret” or “bitsNbites”.

  100. Digital Leaf

  101. Hyperion ๐Ÿ™‚ or Blender

  102. Zombiehyde

  103. “SisuBlend”

    Sisu (Finnish) means that you finish what you start, you donโ€™t quit in the middle of a job, and you donโ€™t whine.

    Sisu is a quality, character, spirit that epitomizes:
    – endurance, resilience, tenacity, determination, perseverance
    – craziness: the recklessness that inspires a person to take on something in the face of incredible odds
    – bravery, empowerment, inner strength

    A perfect characterization of this Duracoat ‘Finnish’ and your workmanship!

  104. EBB SKIN

    • ODA 762

      Organic Digital Alliance 762 (because this pattern is exclusive to 7.62 Precision I thought it should be included in the name) The acronym is also shared with the U.S. Special Forces (Operational Detachments-A) or

  105. Chameleon Digital Camo (CDC)
    Tactical Chameleon

    What better name could go with your description- “neutral colours to fit a variety of environments” then Chameleon? A chameleon changes its color to blend with all enviroments.

  106. Sandscript

  107. Hi,
    The colors remind me of concrete, something urban … think of what the streets look like in a French town in episodes of Combat! Now update that image to downtown, shopping mall, anywhere there is roadway. Turn your back to the ruins. Toss the handgun over your shoulder into it. Now, see how long it takes for you to find your firearm. My suggestion is:


  108. Enviro Cam

  109. O.I.C.

    Organic Impact Coating

  110. Urban Kool

  111. Interdiction



    Digital Shift

  112. The Contractor

  113. Digistone

  114. Keep it simple: Forest Camo (without the camo).

  115. Rocky Mountian Digi-Tac

  116. Gurrilla Ghost, urban silverback, krypto ghost, digital Whisper, Western shadow.

  117. crushed leaf

  118. * “BATTLE SCRAPE”


  119. DigiBlend

  120. ATUD Arid Timber Urban Drab
    UOC Urban Organic Composite

  121. Urban/Organic Cam U/O C

  122. matrix

  123. The name of the new camo pattern? V.A.P.O.R Very Adaptable Pattern Organic Reflection. Nuff said. Too long? Organic Reflection.

  124. Dirty Bird

  125. Jungleflage

    Tactical Jungle

  126. Arctic Chameleon Digital!

  127. The pattern looks gray and blotchy, like zombie skin…
    So that’s what I’ll call it even if you guys don’t…

  128. granite or granite digital.

  129. Asymmetric Bio-Digital Camouflage



    CRYPSIS- is the ability of an organism to avoid observation or detection by other organisms. It may be either a predation strategy or an antipredator adaptation, and methods include camouflage, nocturnality, subterranean lifestyle, transparency,[1] and mimicry

  130. CYBRID – Since its a Hybrid Organic-Digital Finish

  131. Snake Eaters Shadow
    Shadow dust
    Digital Shadow

  132. Chernobyl

    The tones in the color sort of fit the scenery around Chernobyl.

  133. Alaskan Woodsman

  134. APOIDC (all purpose Organic inspired digital camo)

  135. Fah Q Flage.

  136. Phantom Wraith Digital.

  137. MiraLusion (mirage illusion)

  138. Digi-Ghost ,Nighthawk, Bottomfeeder Digital, Tacticool Digi

  139. Infadel Digital

  140. ACORN: Advanced Camo Organic Realistic Nature

  141. Elemental Digital

    Digital Elements
















    Elemental Fauxliage













    Deep Fauxliage


    my faves…



    Elemental Fauxliage

    Digital Elements

    Deep Fauxliage

  142. Spartan Stealth

    Explicative Delete Force

    Death & Taxes

  143. Mothman Walk-about

  144. The N62

    Used to call the MARPAT “Nintendos” so this seems appropriate.

  145. MEDX Multi Environment Digital Xtreme –

    “The cure to your ugly gun needs, no prescription required.”

  146. digafaux -it’s blends to environments like a painted masterpiece

  147. Crypto Shield

  148. “Delusion” It makes you think, It’s something else!

  149. Night wolf

  150. Fog of War

  151. Digital Antipredator

  152. Digital Crypsis

    Didital Antipredator

  153. Tactical Arctic Camouflage ( TAC )

    Tactical Alaskan Camouflage ( TAC)

  154. Linear Underbrush

  155. Alaskan Tundra

  156. StoneEdge

  157. Commandoflage

  158. Winter Ghost Leaf

  159. AERIAL DIGITAL…………….

  160. Frost Fang

    -variations (frost fang camo, frost fang digi etc)

  161. #1 Urban Digital Precision
    #2 Precision Natural Cloak
    #3 Natural Stealth
    #4 Digital Stealth

    PWS AR-10

  162. Concealed Camo weapon (ccw)

  163. digi-moss

  164. Digital Freeze.

  165. Pit Viper Digital, Digiviper, Viperflage

  166. La Chupacabra

  167. I would name it Digiwolf Camo….its go the obvious cammo pattern, but then the “wolf like grey” color underneath it..not to mention that the dark grey look like wolf claws ran across the cammo pattern….good marketing tool..

  168. Tundra Haze

  169. Tactical Deception

  170. 7.62 “D-ORG” Pattern ^^, more power!

  171. Digital Ghost

  172. Concealed Vitory

  173. Hidden Victory

  174. Sabre hide…enough said

  175. digital splash

  176. Digital Tear or Digitear

    Digital Rip DigiRip

  177. TUCAM (Tundra Camo)
    ARTUCAM (Arctic Tundra Camo)
    ANTARCTICAM (Antarctic Camo)

  178. digital freckles

  179. 7.62 Tundra Tech

  180. Shattered

  181. Digital M.A.P ( Multiple Application Pattern )

    – you could take the same colors used in this pattern and put them in a traditional camo pattern and call it simply M.A.P.

    Scrubland Digital
    Tundra Digital

    The colors have colors that I would use in a camo pattern here in Alaska. I would definitely pay some homage to our great state and give it a bit of Tundra flair!

    D.A.T ( Digital Alaskan Tundra )

  182. The Rebel, Guerrilla Fighter, The Chechnyan, Northern Frost, Digi Frost, Militia, Digi Militia, Digital Rock, Digital Stone, TundraLine,

  183. Woodland Diversiflage

  184. Winter Digital

  185. ATAX Digi

  186. Universal NATO

  187. Sumpflage….sumpf=swamp in German ….swamp camo

  188. 7.62 warpat… self explanitory.


  190. Siberian Tundria

  191. OmniDig- Omni meaning all, as it was intended for a variety of environments, Dig(pronounced dij) for Digital obviously.

  192. Deep Wood Digital (DWD)

  193. Alaska Precision Digital (APD)

  194. Oasis Digital Camo (ODC)

  195. DEMON

    Diverse Environment Multi-Cam, Occuring Naturally

  196. Does anyone know when a winner will be decided?

  197. Digitanic

  198. Mike , Everglades Fl.

    Everglades digital
    Yukon clay camo
    Glazier flex or glazier flex digital or glazier digit ex
    Glazier rock digital
    Glazier rock camo
    Glazier rock
    Glazier stone flex
    Overcast camo
    Storm digital
    Alaskan clay flex / digital / camo

  199. Tundra Night Tech (TNT)

  200. not exactly an urban camo so


    or Ghetto Pattern

  201. Digitial Death

  202. Check Fleck
    Check Flick

  203. digifleck

  204. “Frag” or “Digi Frag” if you want to call that Digital its more uh smoke looking its awesome though I think it’s great.

  205. no. sorry just frag.

  206. Fragged.

  207. Pixelage

  208. Patronus-Latin for protector


  209. DECON

    Diverse Environmental Colors Occurring in Nature



    Rigid Environmental Colors Occurring in Nature
    (Rendered, Rough)

  210. timberwolf digital

  211. torn oak digital

  212. mecca fleck

  213. Ok, Here’s a list of a few I just came up with. A little repetitive with the use of the word “Digital”, but this pattern has a digital feel and I thought it was most appropriate word.

    Maybe I’m biased, but I think there are a few winners in here. Hopefully you have a few unnamed patterns laying around, because some of these names need patterns. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Digital Disruptive Pattern – DDP

    Digital Dazzle

    Digital Ghillie

    Digital Amoeba

    Woodland Fury

    Arctic Fury

    Digital Deception

    Digital Brushstroke

    Digital Splatter

    Digital Jigsaw

    Digital Recon

    Digital Flectarn

    Digital Swamp

    Digital Splinter

    If you like any of them, I have a Glock 27 that looks naked without one of your excellent finishes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  214. 7.62 PREPAT (Precision Pattern)


    NATPAT (Nature Pattern) or (Natural Pattern)

  215. Jacks Canyon Digital.
    Rock Slide Digital.
    On The Rocks.

  216. digi glow would be cool

  217. how about mixing digital with camouflage and call it ” DigiCam”

  218. Got it! Diamondback, or Diamondback Digital.

  219. – Knight Rider or if theres an issue with the TV show then spell it as -Night Ryder

    – Charlie’s Angel
    – KITT ( Knight industries two or (three thousand.. if you wanna be futuristic)

    – Transformer
    – Desperado
    – PermaFrost

    I know its all from movies and tv shows but they were all bad ass and represent the gun well
    – Im not sure about what to put as a website since i dont have one so if you need to contact please do so via email

  220. PermaFrost


  222. Forest BOOM

  223. Autumn leaf digital pattern

  224. I second the “Venom” acronym for your ATACS-esque finish.

  225. Adaptive Ghost Digital

  226. Artic Warrior Flage

  227. Precision Tactical Artic Ghost (PTAG) (TAG)
    Precision Artic Wolf (PAW)

  228. digisplash

  229. Chamaeleonidae, the scientific name for chameleon. The pattern looks like a good multi environment option. Also the word “Chamaeleonidae” will draw a lot of attention and fun pronunciations! It’ll gain popularity strictly through novelty factor and because it’s a phenomenal pattern!

  230. MMAPAT multi mission adaptable pattern
    ADAPT always dependable any possible terrain
    FAD forest adaptable digital
    CAMP Camouflage multi purpose
    MED multi environment digital
    BAD Bitchin Ass digital
    I got more coming lol

  231. BLEND
    As in; it blends in anywhere.

  232. Dead Silence or Death Stalker

  233. HIDE

    Hidden in Diverse Environments

    Unseen From All Ranges

  234. VENOM
    Various Environment, Natural Occuring Multi-cam
    Various Environment, Natural Organic Multi-cam

  235. DYND DYNAMIC DIGITAL what? that is an awesome finish would look great on my glock 22!

  236. NATD Nature digital

  237. Digital storm
    Digital blend

    DOME camo (digital organic multi environment)

    Hope you like them… ๐Ÿ™‚

  238. Digital storm

  239. Digiflage

  240. DIGITAC

  241. Desert Frost!

  242. MC:

    Multifleck Camoflage

  243. Rockflage

  244. The 7.62 Special

  245. OK, Digital ORCA….Organically Rendered Camo Application or just ORCA…is not just a killer whale

  246. Forest floor digital, or digital stone

  247. that color is Urban Guerrilla , now change up the colors for Forest Guerrilla, Desert Guerrilla, Jungle Guerrilla, Tundra Guerrilla, and Arctic Guerrilla

  248. Bush man Digital, or Digi Bush

  249. Arctic Special Ops – ASO digital camo

  250. CyberNatural

  251. Canyon Digital

  252. Looks like the muck from the side of a snow covered creek bank. I like it. I would call it something simple. (MUCK)

  253. Digital Tiger Stripe

  254. Digital ghost, or Digital mirage.

  255. Woodwraith digi.

  256. Tundraflage, or Alaskan Tundra, Digital (ATD).

    Looks great! If you can find me a great kydex holster (OWB) with belt loops for my Glock 22 w TLR-1 in Right hand….I’ll pay ya to do it in this pattern….and wear the thing on the job!!!

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